Hustle Butter Deluxe — 0.25 oz Single Packet

Hustle Butter Deluxe — 0.25 oz Single Packet



Single .25-oz. Packet of Richie Bulldog Certified Hustle Butter Deluxe (Price Per 1)

What's so great about Hustle Butter Deluxe? It's a premium, 100%-natural, vegan-friendly tattooing lubricant and tattoo aftercare cream in one convenient product. Hustle Butter Deluxe is made from the finest natural ingredients, including papaya, mango, coco, and other Shea butters. Tattoo collectors love it because this all-natural, vegan-friendly tattoo aftercare cream heals on contact, keeps tattoo-damaged skin moisturized, and heals tattoos beautifully. You'll want to have some with you at all times while your tattoo is healing, which is why we offer these convenient, pocket-sized .25-oz. Hustle Butter packets in addition to our 5-oz. Hustle Butter Tubs. Tuck a few in your purse or pocket, car, desk drawer, and other spots where it'll be handy whenever you need to apply more.

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