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do i need an id?

You must be 18 or older to be tattooed at Benchmark Tattoo. We require valid identification for every individual that is to be tattooed. This is a MN state law.  No exceptions will be made.

How do i get an appointment?

we ask that all clients fill out the form provided under the 'booking' tab. after you submit that form, we will email you about getting on the CALENDAR with one of the ARTISTS. 

how can i pay for my tattoo?

We do accept all major credit cards but cash is preferred. ALL CARDS WILL BE CHARGED At a CONVENIENCE FEE OF 5%. We do not have an atm at the shop. 

How much should I tip?

there is not a set tipping standard but tips are always appreciated. 



This is a tough ONE to answer if you have not filled out our booking form or done an in-house consultation with an artist. tattoo costs are based on how long the tattoo takes to complete. detail of the design, size, and how well the client sits dURING the tattoo can all alter how long the tattoo takes to complete. this means any amount given before the tattoo is done is only an ESTIMATE and is subject to change based on the length of the tattoo session.  If you have a specific budget let us know and we will be happy to work with you.

can i bring my kids to the shop?

For safety reasons we do not allow minors or children in the studio; this includes infants.

can i bring people with me to appointment? 

We welcome and love your friends to come for moral support if needed, but we prefer you keep it to one person. If the shop is really busy, your friend may be asked to hang out at the front of the shop.


We happily accept walk-ins, but please note that we may not be able to get to you same day. It depends on whether or not we have an artist available you when you stop by. If we cannot accommodate you when you stop in, we will help you to fill out our booking form and get you on our calendar for a future date. 

Can I bring in my tattoo idea or do you draw the tattoo?

Benchmark is a custom art focused shop. We welcome you to bring any ideas, drawings, or whatever you have. This will help our artists get an idea of what you would like your final tattoo to look like. Please note the artists will not copy any art you bring in exactly. Instead they will use your examples to guide them when drawing your custom tattoo. 

Is there a shop minimum?

The shop minimum is $75 except for hands neck and feet are a minimum of $100. 

Do you do any piercings or Cosmetic tattoos? 

We do not currently offer piercing or cosmetic tattoo services. We plan to offer cosmetic tattooing in the future so keep an eye out on our Facebook for an announcement of when the service is available. 

do you do touch-ups?

All work is guaranteed. the artists will touch up your tattoo if it is needed after the tattoo is fully healed. 

Touch-ups are provided at no charge by the artist that you were tattooed by as long as the proper aftercare process that we recommend was used.